Benedict Castle Concours Debuts CHARIOTZ Car Show Judging System

The Benedict Castle Concours will debut the patent-pending CHARIOTZ Car Show Judging System on April 3rd in Riverside, California. The system turns what used to be a somewhat cumbersome, paper-based process into a convenient, accurate, smartphone-based one.

Today, car show organizers face many challenges with a paper-based process:

  • Missing registration forms at the point of entry
  • Placing vehicles into the right judging classes
  • Collecting all the judges’ completed forms
  • Ensuring that all vehicles are judged
  • Tallying up all the scores in time for the trophy presentation

With the CHARIOTZ online judging system, car show organizers run the entire judging process through a user-friendly website and a simple mobile app.

The organizers perform the initial setup on the CHARIOTZ website by:

  • Creating all the judging classes
  • Creating judging criteria for each vehicle
  • Assigning registered vehicles to the judging classes
  • Assigning judges to the judging classes

At the show venue itself, each judge uses the CHARIOTZ Judge app (iPhone or Android) to judge his or her assigned vehicles by scoring them on all criteria, and adding comments where appropriate. The judges can select a vehicle to judge from an album of assigned vehicles on the phone. Or they can use the app to scan a QR code on the assigned vehicle, which takes them directly to photos of the vehicle, along with its story and all modification and restoration information.

The car show organizers then check a dashboard on the CHARIOTZ website, which displays the judges’ scores and comments, and an aggregate score for each vehicle. The organizers can also view which judges have not completed judging their assigned vehicles.

Here is a short video that describes how the patent-pending CHARIOTZ QR Code Technology works:

The system can also be used by show attendees to vote for their favorite cars using the CHARIOTZ app on their smartphones. The results are aggregated to provide the show organizers a “Fan Favorite”.

The Benedict Castle Concours is unique in that it includes cars and motorcycles from all genres of the car hobby, and presents over 100 awards. That makes it even more complex to judge. The CHARIOTZ judging system gives the organizers a tool that makes their jobs much simpler, and with great accountability.

View the cars and trucks registered to be at the show here.

If you would like to use the CHARIOTZ online car judging system for your own car show, send them an email at

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