Concours Car Class descriptions


This class is for vehicles restored to original, as-new condition. We have single and multi-make divisions for domestic and import vehicles through 1978 (with Porsche through 1989). If your vehicle fits a single-make division, please enter that division. If you do not see a single-make division that matches your vehicle, choose the multiple-make division in which your vehicle fits.


This class is for unrestored vintage vehicles with original powertrains, finishes and interiors. We’re looking for cars and trucks that people could use for research if they wanted to restore something similar. It is open to all makes and models, domestic and import, up to 1966.


This class is for vehicles with modified engines, suspensions, drivetrains, interiors, and exteriors. We’re looking for examples built with engineering and aesthetics that define the pinnacle of artistic expression. This class is open to all makes and models.

One-off Custom-built

This class is for hand-built vehicles best described as personal styling statements. They look unlike any car or truck as-delivered from the factory. They have no recognized make or model.


This class is for supercars and hypercars. We’re looking for rare, limited-edition, two-door supercars with the highest performance specifications like the Ferrari 488 GTB, Nissan GT-R NISMO, Lamborghini Aventador SV, and Porsche GT3 RS. We’re also looking for hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Pagani Huayra, Porsche 918, and more.


This class is for historic and modern purpose-built racing vehicles and currently available track-day specials like the Ariel Atom 3, BAC Mono, and Caterham Seven.

  • Vintage Racecar
  • Modern Track-day Specials


This class is for motorcycles restored to original, as-new condition and custom examples built with engineering and aesthetics that define the pinnacle of artistic expression.

  • Stock up to 1978
  • One-off Custom-built


This is class is for unique vehicles that will add excitement and fun to the Benedict Castle Concours. If you have a large and uncommon special-purpose police, fire, or military vehicle, a monster truck, or anything extravagantly unique that will make kids and adults alike go “Wow!”, please enter it.